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Intel launches mobile facial recognition for multiple devices

Intel Security has announced the availability of its new consumer security services, which includes newly integrated True Key by Intel Security that provides facial recognition password authentication.

True Key encryption keeps passwords safe by scrambling them with the strongest encryption available. Simple and secure, the app makes multi-factor authentication fast and simple by using one factor such as face or fingerprint to log into mobile apps, websites and devices. This reduces the need to remember a series of complex passwords in order to protect consumer privacy.

In addition to True Key, the new product line is designed to safeguard consumers ever-evolving digital lives by extending unlimited cross-device protection beyond the McAfee LiveSafe service to McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security, and McAfee Total Protection.

The new consumer security services focus on helping to protect consumers' digital lives regardless of where they are, what device they use or where they store their personal data. The products deliver protection against threats, such as malware, hacking and phishing attacks, and device-specific protection in case of loss or theft while also protecting their identity across the devices they use.

Key new features and enhancements include:
•    Cross Device Security: Services now provide protection against viruses and the latest online threats on every Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS device that a user owns
•    New Scan, Discover, Protect Technology: Enables users to scan home networks for unprotected devices in order to easily provision and protect those devices with their security service
•    Sign-In Without Passwords: Newly integrated True Key by Intel Security is a cross platform, multi-factor authentication application that makes it easier and safer to log in. True Key allows consumers to log into mobile apps, websites, and devices using a combination of factors such as their face, fingerprint or devices. The premium version is included in McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe
•    Improved Mobile Protection: Mobile device security offers new features such as a home screen widget to quickly perform essential tasks and a battery optimiser feature to increase battery life across devices
•    New Wearable Security: The mobile security capability also extends security measures to Android Wear watches. It helps users prevent mobile or wearable device loss, stay on top of mobile threats and boost mobile device performance – all from their watch

This mobile access to the next generation of browsing protection means that McAfeeWebAdvisor now checks for active anti-virus and firewall protection, identifies compromised passwords, and helps users make smarter decisions when they are online


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