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Intel continues shift from PC to IoT


Intel has been investing more and more in the connected devices market over the past few years in an effort to catch up with rival companies such as Qualcomm. Now, the company has announced two new processors, to be used in IoT applications and next-generation vehicles.

E900 Series

This processor is designed “to support the rapid development and the growing complexity of IoT businesses”. According to the company, it has a compact form factor and will enable customers to achieve new levels of security, determinism, and image and video processing power. This will help fuel IoT applications across industrial, video, manufacturing, retail and other sectors.

A3900 Series

This series is designed to power a new generation of in-vehicle experiences, according to the company. It will enable a complete software defined cockpit solution that includes in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), digital instrument clusters and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It will “allow car makers to offer new levels of determinism for real-time decision-making required in next-generation cars”.

Meanwhile, the company has also invested US$38 million across 12 different technology startups. These startups span the areas of autonomous machines, data and connectivity, sports and health, and virtual reality. The company believes these entrepreneurs will have the power to “change industries”.

Intel cut 12,000 jobs back in April to focus on its IoT and data centres, which comprised 40 per cent of the company’s revenue last year.

The company is now working with a range of IoT device and equipment manufacturers, software vendors and OEMs to develop products for IoT applications. These include Delphi, FAW, Neusoft, Hikvision and others.

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