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Integrated charting tool for the simple graphical display of signal curves

With TwinCAT Scope, measuring applications are as simple as could be, even for "big data" applications: support for multi-core processing also enables the acquisition and display of very large quantities of data. The software oscilloscope is fully integrated within the TwinCAT control architecture and enables the simple graphical display of signal curves using the charting tool.

The acquisition and analysis of data on machines is becoming more and more important, especially against the backdrop of Industrie 4.0 and "big data" applications. For this purpose, all process data must be clearly and graphically displayed and analysed across the entire lifecycle of the machine in the correct chronological order and with highest possible performance. Using TwinCAT 3 Scope, curves can be displayed with a resolution up to the microsecond range.

TwinCAT Scope's multi-core capability also makes it suitable for large recordings with several hundred variables. Through seamless integration into Microsoft Visual Studio® and thus into the TwinCAT engineering environment it is very user-friendly. Machine developers have a charting tool at their disposal that considerably simplifies the engineering process during application development as well as process monitoring. In combination with the new TwinCAT Analytics and TwinCAT IoT software modules, the acquired process data can be analysed either locally or in a private or public cloud.

Regardless of location, users can choose among signal representation in XT and XY plots or using the new bar charts with TwinCAT Scope.

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