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Integrate analogue signals with performance level

Phoenix Contact introduces the new
MACX Safety signal conditioners that allow analogue signals to be easily
integrated into safety applications according to the Machinery Directive.

The MACX Safety product range is
consistently SIL certified and equipped with a PL d performance level according
to EN ISO 13849-1; direct safe switching of limit values is therefore possible
without an additional safety controller.

Ensuring the safe processing of analogue
intrinsically safe Ex signals, MACX Safety Ex modules can be combined with
other safety modules and integrated into the safety chain using the Sistema
planning software. The relevant characteristics for calculating the performance
level are already stored in the database. The products can be configured from
the PC using FDT/DTM or via the free standalone ANALOG-CONF software, including
monitoring function.

Key features of MACX Safety
signal conditioners include patented transmission concept with safe electrical
isolation, providing precise signal transmission; low power consumption and
self-heating for a long service life and high operational reliability across
the operating temperature range; and plug-in terminal blocks with screw or
push-in connection technology for quick and safe installation.

The MACX Safety signal
conditioners range includes repeater power supplies and input signal
conditioners as well as universal temperature transducers with safe limit value
relays for resistance thermometers, resistance-type sensors, potentiometers,
thermocouples, and mV sources.

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