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Inside the control room of the future: Experion Orion Console [VIDEO]

This June, Honeywell Process Solutions revealed the Experion Orion Console, an advanced display technology that brings to life the plant control room of the future.

The console features an improved ergonomic design and better displays to simplify control system management, reduce operator fatigue and improve situational awareness.

Much of the software and design work was done by Honeywell's team based in Sydney.

The Console’s design was based on operator inputs gleaned from visits to plant control rooms in both newer and older plants. The design and capabilities are the result of behaviour observations, as well as insights collected in multiple phases at plants, including process startups and during periods of abnormal operations.

The console’s features include a large UHD display that provides status assessments of process operations in a single glance.

The console has a mobile tablet that also reduces operator fatigue by allowing personnel to move about the control room more freely than before. When paired with wireless-enabled mobile technologies, the system also allows operators to view the same displays on hand-held devices in other areas of the plant.

In the following video, Graeme Laycock, Honeywell Sydney Design Studio Leader offers an insight into the Experion Orion Console. Also, Garry Mahoney, Pacific Director, Honeywell Process Solutions talks about the market and industrial applications of the new console.


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