Innovative maxGUARD control voltage distribution

Weidmüller’s maxGUARD provides load monitoring and potential distribution combined in one convincing complete solution. It has a modular design, so the customer only pays for the load monitoring they actually need. Substantial savings can be made in terms of both space and wiring. Innovative ideas are required in panel building for control voltage distribution.

With Klippon Connect, Weidmüller is showcasing the pioneering connectivity solution for efficient planning, installation and operation. As part of the Klippon Connect product portfolio, Weidmüller is offering maxGUARD and is thus conclusively and consistently further developing control voltage distribution. maxGUARD provides load monitoring and potential distribution in one complete solution – it’s convincing, efficient and innovative. maxGUARD is an application product, so in other words, it’s precisely matched to the specific requirements in panel building.

Generally speaking, fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distributions that can also be installed in a time and space-saving manner are therefore a must for efficient machine and facility operation. The new maxGUARD system integrates the potential distribution terminal blocks (that were previously installed separately) in the electronic load monitoring’s outputs as a complete solution in a 24 V DC control voltage distribution component. A new combination of load monitoring and potential distribution such as this saves time during installation, increases safety against failure and reduces the amount of space required on the terminal rail by up to 50 per cent.

maxGUARD is characterised by its extreme ease of servicing. Operating, testing and connection elements developed for the panel building application permit safe access to all voltage potentials and load circuits during commissioning and maintenance activities. In addition, maxGUARD can be used in a customised way. Indeed, the sheer range of variants and the very different potential distribution terminal blocks and additional components enable customised solutions at all times.

The consistently integrated test points in the maxGUARD control voltage distribution’s input and output have proven themselves to be particularly user-friendly, as they speed up troubleshooting operations. For testing and checking purposes, the potential distributors have practical disconnecting levers for simple galvanic isolation of the load circuit.

maxGUARD is also equipped with cross-connectors that are unique on the market, so it reduces the time and effort needed for wiring due to cross-connections between load monitoring and potential distribution terminal blocks. Last but not least, the new control voltage distribution system has a particularly space-saving design – electronic load monitoring elements and potential distributors have a 6.1 mm pitch.

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