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Innovative Australian hydraulic nut systems for hazardous bolting tasks

Australian joint security innovator Technofast Industries offers a complete family of hydraulic nuts and bolts designed
specifically for use in high temperature applications worldwide.

Some of the most potentially hazardous bolting tasks
in the mining, energy and materials handling sectors involve mission-critical
and high heat equipment such as high pressure mineral and materials processing
equipment, generators, steam turbines, heat exchangers, autoclaves, boilers,
pressure vessels and associated pipeline infrastructure including valve assemblies.

All of these installations need rapid installation
and efficient maintenance requiring fast disassembly and reassembly for work to
be carried out with maximum speed and precision, minimising the worker’s
exposure to potential hazards and reducing downtime that can impact production
and the company’s profitability.

Technofast Industries produces the globally successful
EziTite family of hydraulic nuts and bolts used on many high temperature
applications worldwide where speed, safety and accuracy are critical factors. The
Technofast product family includes the CamNut systems used on steam turbines
and extreme temperature applications from -40°C to +650°C, and the EziTite TR hydraulic
nuts designed especially for high temperature applications up to 550°C and even
higher in some instances.

Some of the world’s largest resources and engineering
companies including BHP Billiton, Bechtel and Rio Tinto are employing Technofast
technologies such as the EziTite and CamNut range within their processes, with
worldwide application across Australasia, Asia and North America. Technofast is
planning to double the size of its plant in Brisbane to accommodate increasing demand
as it expands the product family.

Technofast’s CamNut system can be effectively used to
tighten the typically massive bolts in large steam turbines without replacing
the entire set of bolts at huge cost or extensively modifying bolts, casings,
or both. Stacked hydraulic load cells to reduce tool diameters and a tapered
breakaway coupling with a unique thread for rapid engagement of the tensioning
tool are some of the specialised features of the system.

The EziTite TR high temperature hydraulic nut features
a highly innovative metal seal with excellent durability unlike any other
hydraulic sealing mechanism in existence. The unique action of the seal
mechanism allows the EziTite TR fastener to be cycled many times without
failure, with the fastener tested to have an operational life in excess of one
hundred cycles.

Technofast Founder and CEO Mr John Bucknell explains EziTite
TR hydraulic nuts and CamNuts have been introduced to the Australian market
specifically to provide a solution to extreme situations and adverse conditions
that could expose workers to hazards.

Key benefits of the Technofast hydraulic nuts include
precision bolt tensioning accomplished in a fraction of time taken by conventional
methods such as heating or torque tightening; allowing whole groups of
hydraulic tensioning devices to be tightened simultaneously on a flange, joint
or cover; and simultaneous loading of entire groups of fasteners eliminating bolt
load scatter for higher accuracy and uniform load on the flange/joint,
enhancing long-term security, safety and reliability, and ensuring leak-free

CamNut systems have been effectively used recently in
the closure of power generation turbines and steam turbine casings of the type
employed in mining, energy, mineral processing and materials handling. Bolts
are hydraulically tensioned simultaneously instead of using time-consuming bolt
heating and shrinkage methods, drastically shortening assembly time to minutes,
rather than days. CamNut allows release and re-tensioning of fasteners to be
carried out quickly and easily; fastener removal can be achieved quickly in the
event of a breakdown, even before the turbine is fully cooled from operating

EziTite TR hydraulic nuts

EziTite hydraulic fasteners are used to provide the
ultimate means of turbine shell tensioning. Key features include patented metal
seal design allowing for applications up to 550°C and higher; compact design
for confined applications; smart design to eliminate load losses; secondary
backup release mechanism (Sacrificial Ring); and multiple tensioning providing
even bolt loads with massive assembly and disassembly downtime.

Key benefits of EziTite TR hydraulic nuts
include reduced maintenance downtime; improved safety on the job; assurance of reliable
and precise tensioning; user-friendly; fast to fit and remove with very little
physical effort; and suitability for difficult or confined spaces.

The EziTite TR hydraulic nut finds application
in pressure vessel closure; flange makeup; gas turbine joints; steam turbine
joints; boiler feed pumps; and high temperature applications.

CamNut system

Key tool features of CamNut systems include quick
connection of tensioner tooling; ideal for situations with short bolt grip
length; modular construction reducing overall tool weight; and operating
temperatures from -40°C to +650°C.

Key benefits of the CamNut system include user-friendly
operation; fast to fit and remove requiring little physical effort; no need to
replace expensive studs to provide sufficient grip length; easier handling with
lesser tool weight; designed for extreme situations/adverse conditions; minimised
cost, reduced downtime and improved safety; reliable and precise tensioning the
first time; and eliminating risk of strike and pinch point injuries caused by
other tightening methods.

A CamNut is recommended for regular maintenance
requiring repeated adjustment or removal of nuts; and applications requiring
high speed of operation, large diameter bolts, accurate and reliable loading on
bolting, simultaneous tightening of bolts; and even joint/gasket compression.
The CamNut is also ideal where space for tooling is restricted. 

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