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Innovation at Austech 2008

Innovation at Austech 2008

The annual event will allow visitors to learn how to do things better and smarter, says the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute.

With around 80 exhibitors taking more than 4200 square metres of exhibition space, Austech 2008 — to run alongside National Manufacturing Week at the end of May — is shaping up to be the largest Sydney-based Austech exhibition ever held.

Focusing on high-tech machine tools and associated technology, the event is aimed at manufacturers looking for “value added, innovative and high-tech solutions”.

Austech is owned and operated by the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Ltd (AMTIL).

“This significant growth in the event highlights the high regard in which it is held by both exhibitors and visitors, and we expect this credibility to continue into the future,” said AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti.

“Austech 2008 provides a forum for visitors to not only to view the latest machine tool technology, but also talk with exhibitors about applications that help them provide value added, innovative and high-tech solutions.

“The biggest challenge for manufacturers in this country is to maintain or indeed develop international competitiveness. I believe it is becoming more and more vital for Australian manufacturers to continue learning how to do things better and smarter.”

According to Infanti, visitors to Austech will see the latest in machine tools and all the necessary allied equipment, controls, tools and software and related products that can help them develop their business to the next level.

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