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Infrared Camera delivers greater image clarity

The new Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera takes focus to a higher plane with MultiSharp Focus. An out-of-focus thermal image can be off by 20 degrees or more with no way to correct it once it has been captured — short of retaking new images.

The new Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera solves this problem by delivering in-focus images of everything in the field of view. MultiSharp Focus is a new technology that rapidly takes multiple images focused near to far and combines them to produce one image with all objects in focus.

The advanced focusing system lets users capture an automated, in-focus image of all potential targets, delivering the image clarity needed by professional thermographers and maintenance managers to provide better images and avoid costly rework.

MultiSharp Focus is also available as a free upgrade to Fluke’s TiX500, TiX520, and TiX560 Infrared Cameras when owners update the camera’s firmware. For instant focus on a single target, the high performance 320 x 240 resolution Ti450 features LaserSharp Auto Focus that uses a built-in laser distance meter to calculate and display the distance to the designated target with pinpoint accuracy.

Other auto focus systems may focus on the surrounding landscape or closer targets, compromising focus and the ability to capture accurate temperature measurements. The SuperResolution mode on the Ti450 increases image resolution to 640 x 480. This delivers images with four times more pixel data than normal resolution.

The higher resolution lets users see even more detail for greater analysis capability and better reporting. The wireless Ti450 is part of Fluke Connect; a system of wireless test tools that communicate via the Fluke Connect app, a cloud-based solution that gathers measurements to provide a comprehensive view of critical equipment status.

With Fluke Connect, infrared images can be uploaded from anywhere and combined with measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share comprehensive reports from the job site via email and collaborate in real time with other colleagues, increasing productivity in the field.

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