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Industry partners needed for robot competition

ABB Australia and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE-A) Australasia’s 2nd Annual National Robotics Innovation Competition challenges university students to develop a project proposal for an innovative and cost effective way to manufacture an existing component or improve a manufacturing process through the use of robot-based automation.

Paul Gekas, ABB Robotics General Manager says, “Employers are being asked to become ‘industry partners’ and to look at their existing manufacturing processes to identify areas for improvement via the integration of a robot. Students will then use this process improvement situation in order to investigate a possible solution through the thorough consideration of the financial, safety, quality and environmental elements.”

“We’re thrilled that previously participating employers have signed on again, impressed with the work completed by students last year. The response from the education sector has also been fantastic with over 160 of the brightest engineering students from universities across Australia signed up and looking for ‘industry partners’,” adds Paul.

Benefits for participating employers include:

– A fully researched solution proposal for their needs, with benefits such as cost-savings, productivity, quality, financial, economic and safety considerations

– The possibility of having the process fully simulated in Robot studio for the winning proposal (valued at $4000)

– Access to the design and innovation skills of some of the brightest students Australia has to offer at no cost

– Contribution to the development and training of Australia’s young engineering talent

– Increased competitive advantage through the consideration of implementing cutting edge technology into existing processes

– Promotional opportunities and nation-wide exposure

Industries offering projects for the competition should register by March 1, 2008 for first semester or whole year projects, and July 1, 2008 for second semester projects. Entry to the competition is at no cost to employers.

More detailed information regarding the submittal of a potential project for students can be found at the ABB website or by calling 1800 ABB Help (1800 222 435).

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