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Industrial PC market to evolve but remain competitive in 2010

The market for industrial PCs will be driven by technological possibilities but will also remain fragmented throughout 2010, according to research from ARC Advisory Group.

According to ARC’s Industrial PCs Worldwide Outlook study, the market for industrial PCs will be driven by an increasing rate of technological advances in hardware and software over the next year.

This includes the Atom processor, increased computing power, increased ruggedness, and also failsafe industrial PCs, the author of the report said.

According to ARC, the industrial PC market structure is fragmented, with no dominant player on a regional or global level. Though industrial PC technology itself has matured, new applications and requirements will enable differentiation through hardware and software.

Various trends within the industrial PC market will affect future growth but Intel’s Atom processor will have the most influence, says ARC. The Atom processor provides up to 2 GHz with low thermal design power. This offers various possibilities to end users and machine builders, the company said.

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