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Industrial housing for machine vision cameras

Industrial cameras are at work under various different environments. Therefore some applications require special protection classes for the cameras.

Important for the selection of the suitable camera case are the environmental conditions, concerning splash water, dust and particles, as well as temperature and vibrations. When a system is used in a rough, industrial environment, it has to fulfill other requirements then when it is used in the clean room.

For certain environments an extreme vibration and shakeproof is of importance. Other applications require a high temperature resistance.

The Camera Case EyeMount (CCEM) offers a robust industrial housing for Basler and IDS cameras. This housing is available in both protection classes: IP65 or IP67. 

The camera also has direct contact to the M12 connectors on the back of the housing. On customer demand there are also housings for other camera types available. And there is also a housing with integrated illumination. 

The housing is dustproof and the cameras are protected from high-pressure water. 

Additionally the CCEM housing is optimally compatible with the mounting and positioning system EyeMount. Therefore the user can fix the camera and housing in no time to an EyeMount stand.

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