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20-port industrial Ethernet switches

Antaira Technologies has announced its LNX-2012GN-SFP industrial gigabit managed Ethernet switch series, which has been designed to fulfil applications in harsh or outdoor environments. This unit has one of the highest density SFP fiber port counts in the market for a DIN-rail unit, according to the company.

The unit’s extensive SFP fiber connectivity makes it suitable for centralised connection of multiple devices, especially in environments with a lot of electrical noise where SFP fiber is immune to such issues. Some suitable applications include power/utility, factory/process control automation, windmills, mining infrastructures and ITS – roadway traffic control/monitoring applications.

The product supports a 12~48VDC power input range and each unit is designed with eight 10/100/1000Tx Fast Ethernet RJ45 ports and twelve 100/1000 dual rate SFP slots for fiber. With a 40 Gigabit backplane speed, the unit supports jumbo frames and wide bandwidth for large Ethernet data packet transmissions. These switches are also made with high density port counts for edge-level connectivity solutions.

Furthermore, the product provides high EFT, surge (2000VDC) and ESD (6000VDC) protection. The units are built to have a dual power input design with reverse polarity protection, and there is also a built-in relay warning function to alert maintainers when any ports break or power failures occur. This makes it suitable for applications requiring high reliability and distance extension.

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