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Industrial 4-port CAN bus switch with firmware upgrade

ICP Electronics Australia has released ICP DAS’s I-2534 Industrial 4-port CAN bus Switch and I-5534-M Robust 4-port Industrial CAN bus Switch in Metal Casing with Firmware and Utility Upgrade.

The I-2534 and I-5534-M are both CAN switches used to establish a connection among four CAN bus sub-networks. 

In order to solve the problem of the star topology within the CAN network, the I-2534 and I-5534-M are specially designed for integrating four CAN networks and solving the problems when using star topology. 

They are not only used as a CAN bridge, but also have more powerful features.

(1)    Extend CAN bus working distance.
(2)    Connect to four CAN sub-networks with different baud rate.
(3)    Support Star or Tree topology.
(4)    I-5534-M provides higher stability and reliability in harsh environments.

The upgraded firmware keeps the original features like the user-defined CAN baud rate, CAN bus message acceptance filter and routing path configuration. In addition, the upgraded firmware features the CAN-ID mapping mechanism to modify the received CAN-ID before process forwarding. Users could configure the CAN-ID mapping table. 

When the I-2534 and I-5534-M receives the specific CAN-ID, the CAN-ID will change to the corresponding CAN-ID by the mapping table before it is transmitted to another CAN ports. 

When CAN devices transmit the same CAN messages, the I-2534 or I-5534-M could change to another CAN-ID by the CAN-ID mapping mechanism.

Key Features:
•    4x CAN Communication Ports. 
•    TJA1042 CAN Transceiver 
•    Compatible with CAN Specification 2.0A and 2.0B. 
•    Fully Compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard. 
•    Baud Rate : 5k, 10k, 20k, 33.3k, 50k, 62.5k, 83.3k, 125k, 250k, 500k, 800 k, 1 M bps and user-defined. 
•    CAN Filter is Configurable. 
•    CAN Bus Route Path is Configurable. 
•    100 Data Frames Buffer for each CAN Channel. 
•    Max. Data Flow up to 2500fps for all CAN Channels. 
•    Selectable Baud Rate by Rotary Switch. 
•    Selectable 120Ω terminator Resistor by DIP Switch. 
•    LED for CAN Status. 
•    2500 Vrms Isolation on the CAN Side 
•    3kV Galvanic Isolation between the Power Supply and CAN Channel 
•    4kV ESD Protection for each Channel 
•    Hi-Pot, Surge, EMI and EFT Testing all Pass. 
•    The Metal Casing of I-5534-M provides higher protection on EMS or other electromagnetic noises. 
•    Utility tool for CAN Filter, Route path, User-Defined Baud Rate and CAN-ID Mapping (v1.10 Firmware) Configuration. 
•    Max. CAN-ID Mapping Data up to 32 for each CAN Channel. (v1.10 Firmware)

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