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InduSoft certifies integrators

InduSoft has launched a Certified Integrator Program, an incentive-driven program open to all automation and process control System Integrators who recommend and develop solutions using InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA software.

Any system integrator is eligible. The certification entitles participants to discount pricing on runtime licenses regardless of the number of licenses sold, special pricing on InduSoft products, and free technical training-all without annual support fees.

All Certified System Integrators are able to use the InduSoft Certified System Integrator brand mark on their Web sites and commercial material. InduSoft will also make available a full compliment of marketing materials such as data sheets, brochures, and case studies, which can be downloaded to support customer presentations and proposals. Hard copies of these materials may be ordered, and high-resolution print files are also available.

Currently, InduSoft works with systems integrators worldwide, and are working closely with them to help them achieve the new InduSoft certification-and that fact is good news for customers under the new program as well.

“Customers can now be assured that they’ve engaged a highly qualified System Integrator.” says John Dunlap, Vice President of Industrial Marketing at InduSoft. “The InduSoft Certified System Integrator mark means these Integrators have been tested and proven their mettle-and that’s a win for everybody.”

For more information on the Certified Integrator program, go to

InduSoft’s products are available in Australia through Dominion Electronics, (02) 9906 6988.

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