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Inductive Miniature Sensor with Permanently Visible LED

Turck has added the Q4.7 series of rectangular inductive sensors to its range of miniature sensors. The miniature sensors in the new design (16mm x 8mm x 4.7mm) have been specially developed for applications in which they have to be fully embedded in metal, such as in the stamping and metal forming industry. 

These kinds of applications not only require robust sensors with large switching distances, but also very small housings so as to reduce the amount of surrounding metal to be removed for the recesses.

The Q4.7 meets all the requirements mentioned with a two millimetre sensing range, a robust metal housing, a highly flexible two metre connection cable with an oil-resistant sheath and the capability of being fully flush mounted. TURCK has managed to house the status LED in the active face so that this, in contrast to side mounted LED sensors, stays visible even when fully flush mounted.

In order to meet a wide variety of application conditions, the Q4.7 has a temperature range from 0 to 85° Celsius and is IP67 rated.

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