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Increased safety and performance through Automatic Code Generation

Conventional solutions for Automatic Code Generation in MATLAB and Simulink are based solely on MathWorks’ Real-Time Workshop. B&R also offers the possibility of generating even more efficient and easier to read source code based on the Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder.

Source code generated in this manner requires less of the available processing power and memory, creating the perfect conditions for efficient high-performance algorithms on the target system.

Furthermore, the automatically generated source code is clearly structured and automatically documented. This makes it ideal for use in critical applications with validation or certification requirements. "Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder has TÜV Süd certification and meets the IEC guidelines relevant to model-based design," states Tom Erkkinen, Embedded Applications Manager at MathWorks.

Through their support of all Automatic Code Generation options in Automation Studio Target for Simulink, B&R provides users maximum flexibility when choosing their development tools.

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