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Improved KUKA palletising robot can work in sub zero temperatures

KUKA Robotics Australia announces the release of a newly enhanced range of palletising robots designed to function in sub-zero temperatures.

KUKA re-launched the new version of their popular palletising robot for sub-zero temperatures in March 2014. The new KR QUANTEC PA arctic is a cold-resistant adaptation of the service-proven standard palletising robots from the KR QUANTEC series.

The new KUKA KR QUANTEC PA arctic does not require a protective suit and can work in freezing temperatures. The palletising robot’s immunity to cold temperatures right down to -30°C makes it ideal for the food industry.

Key features of the KR QUANTEC PA arctic palletising robots include a reach of 3,195mm, short cycle times, high flexibility, extreme precision in stacking and setting down, and choice of three payload variants: 120, 180 and 240 kg.

The user can save on costs with no need for a protective suit for the robot and also eliminate the risk of bacteria development. 

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