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Improved insulated heating jackets

LMK Thermosafe’s insulated heating jackets are now IP44 rated, and have increased power.

According to the company, all standard insulated heating jackets now have the IP44 rating, which protects them from objects more than 1mm in size and against water spray from all sides. Their new Weatherheat seam sealing technology also introduces the first IP56 rated insulated heater jacket that is virtually dust-proof and able to withstand high pressure hosing or heavy seas, the company claims.

Furthermore, the power of the standard HHD 205 litre insulated drum jacket has increased by 10 per cent to 1100w. The Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) heater jackets have also increased in power. The IBC1, designed for keeping product warm in winter, has had a 7.5 per cent increase to 1400w. The IBC2, designed to heat product up to 60 – 70°C, is also 27 per cent more powerful at 2800w. Moreover, the IBC3 for really hard to heat product, is 26 per cent more powerful at 3990w.

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