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IICA structure changes for industry cause

The Federal Committee of the IICA met at the end of November in Melbourne to discuss ways and means to become a more independent and relevant organisation to all instrumentation, control and automation personnel in Australia.

During the course of the meeting, many important decisions were made that we feel will greatly influence the future of our organisation — making it more relevant to our industry.

It was decided to move away from an external secretariat and employ our own personnel to run the organisation. The plan was put forward to employ several managers or coordinators in critical positions to ensure that the IICA becomes a more powerful voice within the industry and government and to ensure the continuous relevance of the IICA in general.

With the new structure in place, of which the first steps have already been taken by employing Cathie Tynan as the IICA secretary and Allen Tighe as the interim training manager/coordinator, we see a very bright future ahead. Further decisions that will affect the IICA’s day-to-day running will be undertaken during a further meeting to be held in February, where we trust the final strategies will be put in place.

A training schedule with at this stage tentative dates has been put in place for several courses that are being run in conjunction with the ISA. It is also expected that further courses will be developed during the year, in particular courses that recognise instrumentation and control individuals at several levels. These courses will also have an international recognition as for professionals.

It is expected that with the new structure in place, the IICA and with the dedication of the Federal and State committees, will be able to attract many more new members as a truly relevant organisation to instrumentation and control personnel from technicians to professionals.


Dirk Kuiper, vice president

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