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IICA spells out benefits of CIP

OVER the past three years, the Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) has been engaged in the challenging but rewarding task of placing all aspects of the Institute under review and then re-shaping them where necessary.

The sole purpose of this task has been to ensure that our Institute is ready and able to meet both opportunities and challenges in the years ahead.

This article singles out just one particular reform that has just been completed that we know will be of particular interest and relevance to corporate readers of PACE magazine.

I am referring to the IICA’s Corporate Industry Program, or CIP for short. CIP has updated, and considerably expanded the Institute’s original Corporate Membership facility and now offers very attractive reasons for a much wider range of companies in industry and manufacturing to seriously consider the IICA as their professional industry association of choice.

Specifically then, the Corporate Industry Program is aimed at companies that are for example – contractors, consultants, end users, maintenance providers, vendors, suppliers as well as tertiary education departments or schools.

Such companies or organisations will have particular focus in instrumentation, control systems and/or automation and will be engaged in diverse areas of professional engagement such as: Aeronautics; Defence/Military; Mining; Automation/ Robotics; Education; Oil & Gas; Automotive; Energy; Water; Construction; Manufacturing.

Corporate Membership opens the door to the Institute’s key areas of influence, advocacy and focus.

o Advocacy for enhancing Instrumentation, Control and Automation input into tertiary curricula (TAFE and University)
o Influence all layers of Government legislation for our industry sectors
o Raise professionalism in our industry
o Voice for Australian and International Standards

o Peer Communication for professional value add
o Vehicle for promoting direct interaction between Suppliers and End Users in a neutral and informal IICA environment

Education Professional Development
o Professional Development tailored to specific company needs
o Access to Internationally recognised ISA professional accreditation for:
– Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Program
– ISA Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Program

This summary is indicative of what CIP offers. It now enables the IICA to take on a more pro-active role, particularly in areas of representation and advocacy, on behalf of companies in our industries.

To discuss the CIP Membership, contact IICA Executive Officer Maruta Rodan on 0414 645 415.

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