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IICA members recognised for outstanding contributions

EACH year the Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) holds a prestigious dinner at which a small number of Members are singled out and celebrated for their outstanding contributions to the Institute or industry in general over a number of years. Each winner of the Testimonial Dinner Awards was nominated and recognised by their peers.

This year there were three winners. Each person’s citation provides an insight into the range of activities and the breadth of opportunities that a not-for-profit professional organisation such as the IICA has on offer-not just to its Members but to the industry overall.

Mario Dona was Chairman of South Australia before becoming Federal President of the Institute. During his term of Presidency, he initiated and led the team that successfully completed the task of revising and updating the Institute’s considerably antiquated Rules and Bylaws.

This work, although very time consuming and demanding, was very necessary to ensure that the Institute’s governing Rules and Bylaws were ‘fit for purpose’ thereby allowing it to move forward into the 21st Century.

Mario’s ongoing participation and work over many years in developing and improving Australian Standards via numerous Standards Committees in support of the instrumentation, control and automation (IC&A) industry in general were also factors in his nomination for the Award.

Mark Brereton was recognised for his long-standing contribution to NSW in various committees including Chairman of NSW.

Over many years he demonstrated active commitment in promoting the IICA to educational facilities, increasing awareness of not only the IICA but also of this industry. Mark was also a prime mover and contributor to overseeing the implementation of the new IICA website.

Last, but by no means least, Allen Tighe’s award recognised his undisputed work in Western Australia. This ranged from involvement in that Branch’s committee meetings, including the Chairmanship of the Branch, organising IICA’s events and local activities in the West as well as marketing them.

Allen worked tirelessly in recruiting new Members to the Institute and was jointly responsible for creating an Education subcommittee to promote new and innovative ideas for high school students. The aim was to bring awareness and interest to guide students into the broad IC&A industries.

Following the cementing of the Institute’s formal relationship with its American counterpart the Instrumentation Society of America (ISA), Allen was instrumental in getting the IICA/ISA Professional Development training courses up and running, including sourcing and recruiting appropriately qualified instructors as well as choosing which training courses to offer-to Members as well as to industry.

Outlining the achievements of the Award recipients has served to provide a glimpse to the outside community of the range and diversity of opportunities and activities in which the IICA is engaged.

[Dirk Kuiper is IICA’s immediate past Federal President.]

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