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IICA appoints Four Fellows

IICA Federal Council approved the renewal of an updated Fellow Membership category for the Institute late in 2009. New criteria were drawn up and approved by Council and a Fellow Review Committee, comprising existing Fellow Members Ian Gibson, John Dusting, John Bergin and Gavin Willox, was set up.

To ensure that the criteria for assessing an applicant’s suitability for elevation to this prestigious member category were up to the mark, the Review Committee resolved to test its viability.

A trial application procedure was commenced with a number of potential candidates who looked as though they might meet the criteria.

After what turned out to be a rather lengthy process, including the need for some relatively minor, but necessary adjustments to the criteria, the Fellow Review Committee was satisfied that both the Application and the Selection processes are now working well.

The upshot of this rigorous process has been that the following four Fellows have been appointed under the new criteria. They are Kevin Barnes from Perth Branch and Phillip Ring, Geoff Rogers and Bob Weiss from Melbourne Branch.

Congratulations to each of the inaugural new Fellow Members!

For information and application forms for Fellow Membership please contact Cathie Tynan, Federal Secretary on 03 9772 0944 or

[Dirk Kuiper is IICA Federal President.]

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