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IFS signs distribution deal with Activate New Zealand

Global enterprise applications company, IFS, has announced a distribution partnership with Activate New Zealand to support its growth strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

The company has recently announced a re-branding venture in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market that will include a new logo, tag-lines and advertising.

IFS designs and implements industry-specific applications such as supply chain management (SCM); enterprise asset management (EAM); maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO); product lifecycle management (PLM); customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate performance management (CPM).

The company serves customers in ANZ including: AB Equipment, Globus, Hawker Pacific and Siemens Transport.

However, the IFS Australia and New Zealand managing director, Rob Stummer, says the local markets remain largely untapped.

“In the current economic climate, it is the companies that invest, develop and capitalise on technologies that save money while improving efficiency that will have an opportunity to grab market share. We understand the importance of local representation in New Zealand and I’m looking forward to working with Activate NZ to show businesses that a cost effective alternative exists and significant savings can be made,” he said.

IFS business applications are designed to provide freedom of choice through flexible solutions that can be easily-configured to meet customers’ demands, which can evolve as markets, legislation or conditions change.

IFS applications can also co-exist with other applications so there is no need to replace existing systems.

“We are very pleased to partner with IFS as New Zealand has had limited access to alternative enterprise technologies. Most companies have had to either commit to a restrictive and costly relationship with one of the larger software providers, or build a bespoke SOA solution from scratch which is extremely expensive to develop and maintain,” said Activate New Zealand director, Mike Lowe.

“To have an agile and proven enterprise solution, comprising hundreds of business services assembled from thousands of software components, that is available and supported locally, is great news for New Zealand business.”

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