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IFS launches latest version of its extended ERP suite

IFS has launched the latest version of its extended ERP suite, IFS Applications 8. The solution has been developed in collaboration with early adopter customers under the name Project Eagle.

The Eagle Project was initiated in September, 2009 and represents IFS’s most significant product investment, combining the user interface IFS Enterprise Explorer with functionality within IFS’s four process focus.

Based entirely on agile development methodology and in collaboration with customers, IFS Applications 8 consolidates all innovations produced since the previous version.

IFS focuses on industries where any of the four core processes service and asset, projects, manufacturing, and supply chain, are strategic. The new features are custom-built to support the latest trends within the industries that focus on these four core processes. The new version also includes a new BI concept, enhanced platform technology and a user-centric approach to business applications.

IFS Applications 8 is the first version to be delivered with the IFS Enterprise Explorer (IFS EE) interface as standard. The interface is based on the latest usability research and offers customisation options to suit each individual role and competency within a company. It is equipped with intuitive features for filtering, searching and navigating data.

“The inspiration for Project Eagle has mainly come from our customers, without whom this undertaking would have been impossible. The new version also gives us an advanced platform for future solutions,” said Rob Stummer, Managing Director at IFS Australia and New Zealand.

With IFS Applications 8 and IFS EE as a platform, IFS is currently exploring a number of technological solutions to support the future needs of the market. With IFS Labs, the in-house experimental think-tank, IFS is doing work in areas such as touch-screen-based ERP for tablet computers, augmented reality in a business context and next-generation smartphone apps. 

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