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ifm efector releases condition monitoring machines for plant equipment

ifm efector introduces a newly developed condition monitoring system designed to monitor online, the overall vibration condition of machines and plant according to ISO 10816.

An important factor across diverse industries, condition monitoring not only reduces production and maintenance costs, but also increases uptime and overall equipment effectiveness.

ifm efector’s VNB001 sensor ensures simple and intelligent vibration monitoring online and also supports the addition of a further process value such as temperature to monitor and measure machine health. The sensor has an integrated time-stamped history function for both process values for up to 800,000 values equating to a reading every five minutes for three years, thereby enabling simple and reliable trending directly on the machine.

The sensor measures RMS in velocity in mm/s or in/s with the measured value and switch point status indicated on the LED display. Critical conditions can be signalled using two switching outputs or one switching output and one analogue output. It is also possible to provide the sensor with a voltage supply using an optional USB interface.

ifm efector’s VNB001 condition monitoring system is designed for fast set-up and simple operation with push-button programming without need for additional configuration software. 

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