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ifm efector offers products that highlight early detection of damage

Customers are demanding product and technology that is both powerful and easy to handle. This is in part due to the skilled labour shortage.

There is definitely a demand for technologically advanced products that are very simple to handle, as it doesn't necessarily require a skilled worker to set up and use. We offer products that meet these specifications, simple to set up with great price performance ratios.

Customers are seeking efficiency gains with their machinery by investing in real time maintenance. This reduces the need for costly machine down time as a result of breakdowns.

"We offer products that highlight early detection of damage, offering machine protection," says Dave Delany, Managing Director, ifm efector (pictured above).

Detection of unbalance, monitoring of overall vibration and bearing condition and trend analysis with integrated history function and condition counters are possible. This increases machine availability, secures quality and makes maintenance planable.

ifm invests significantly in research and design, and in 2012 this will create new opportunities in the market for us. For 40 years the company has been researching, developing and producing products and technology with the aim of optimising technical processes.

"As a company focused on innovation and increasing the efficiency of your applications, we are constantly releasing new products to market and 2012 is no exception," says Delany.

ifm efector sponsors the Automotive and Manufacturing category in the 2012 PACE Zenith Awards. The company offers products that increase machine availability, secure quality and make maintenance efector
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