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IECEx Certified Safety Relay by Schmersal

The SRB-EXi safety relay modules from Schmersal now meet the requirements for use in hazardous areas since obtaining IECEx certification.

The SRB safety relays are suitable for secure signal analysis of emergency stop and safety monitoring equipment up to safety category 4 or PLe. 

This device is capable of monitoring safety devices such as E-stops, pull wire switches, Guard switches and non-contact safety sensors installed in hazardous environments. 

Short circuit, wire break and earth connection detection are all supported across the two safety monitored inputs while the dual safety outputs use forced guided relays to ensure piece of mind in times of need. 

An automatic restart model is available or manual edge detection restart is also available with an intrinsically safe restart circuit.

The requirements for explosion protection apply in many areas of the industry including chemicals, gasses, materials handling even food processing where powdered ingredients or end products are processed, manufactured or stored. 

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