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ICP Electronics Australia releases ICP DAS’ HART series of converters, gateways and remote I/O modules

ICP Electronics Australia announces the expansion of its HART
integration solutions offering with a new range of HART converters, gateways
and remote I/O modules from ICP DAS.

The HART Field Communications Protocol extends the 4~20mA standard to
enhance communication with smart field instruments. Preserving the 4~20mA signal,
the protocol enables two-way digital communications without disturbing signal integrity.
Unlike other communication technologies, the HART protocol can maintain
compatibility with existing 4~20mA systems with a uniquely backward compatible

ICP DAS’s new HART product series includes HART converters, HART
gateways and HART I/O remote modules.

While the HART converter can be used to access HART devices via COM, USB
or Ethernet interfaces, the HART gateway can integrate HART communication to
different protocols such as Modbus and PROFIBUS. The HART I/O remote module can
be used to access or control HART devices directly.

ICP DAS’s new HART products allow users to easily and quickly integrate
HART devices enabling data acquisition into SCADA, HMI or PLC systems. This
design feature allows users to widely integrate this device into a number of applications
such as remote data acquisition, control, process automation, and factory

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