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ICP Electronics Australia announces ICP DAS’ new G-4514-4G series PAC

The G-4514-4G series are M2M (machine to machine) power saving PACs, designed for applications requiring complex controls. They have high reliability in harsh environments, and all PACs in the series come complete with a solar charger. Additionally, there are optional GPS and LCM Display models available, meaning that the units can function as GPS tracking systems for vehicle management or maritime systems and if necessary, feature their own convenient display. The G-4514-4G Series PACs can be ordered with either the GPS or LCD, or both, depending on your industry needs.

All models come with a solar charger, 4G module, SD card support, Ethernet interface, 3x digital inputs, 3x digital outputs, 8x analogue inputs, and 1x relay output. They have built-in RTC, NVRAM, and EEPROM, and support GSM, WCDMA, and 4G LTE.

Key features:

  • Embedded MiniOS7, anti-virus
  • Supports GSM, WCDMA, 4G LTE, and TCP, UDP client connection over 4G LTE
  • Solar charger for lead acid battery
  • 10/100 Base-TX compatible Ethernet controller
  • COM Port: COM1 (5-wire RS232), COM2 (RS-485)
  • I/O: 3x DI, 3x DO, 8x AI, 1x relay DO
  • Supports SD card
  • 128*64 dots LCM display (optional)
  • GPS: 32 Channels with all-in-view tracking (optional)
  • DIN-Rail mountable
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