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ICP Electronics announces ICPDAS’s HRT-711 Modbus/TCP to HART protocol gateway

ICP Electronics Australia introduces the HRT-711, a new Modbus/TCP to
HART gateway designed to allow the Modbus/TCP Master to access HART Slave
devices such as a transmitter, an actuator or a current output device among

Using the HRT-711, users can easily integrate their HART devices into the
Modbus network, making the HRT-711 a powerful gateway to exchange data between
Modbus and HART within the network.

The HRT-711 can be applied in various harsh environments thanks to its
high isolation protection design. This design feature allows users to widely integrate
the device into a number of applications such as remote data acquisition,
control, process automation, and factory automation.

Key features of ICPDAS’s HRT-711 Modbus/TCP to
HART protocol gateway include support for HART Short/Long frame; support for HART
Burst Mode; allows two HART Masters; support for Modbus/TCP Format; support for
Modbus Slave/HART Master Mode; support for firmware update via Com Port; support
for on-line replacement of HART devices; support for acquiring long frame
address automatically; provides LED indicators; built-in watchdog; and DIN-rail
or wall mounting installation.

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