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I S Systems and Optocon announce partnership

Optocon AG has announced a partnership with IS Systems, an Australia-based electrical engineering company specialising in power, industrial automation and variable speed drives.

Optocon AG provides fiber optic temperature solutions for various industrial markets.

Optocon AG has been providing fiber optic temperature solutions to the market globally for over 19 years.

Their core competence is the development and sale of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners for temperature measurements in electromagnetically strongly-influenced environments, in microwave fields, power plants or explosion-proof areas and wherever measurement with standard electrical temperature sensors is not possible.

They are specialists in handling and solving customer-specific optical technical problems and adapting fiber optic measurement techniques to its specific needs.

Optocon AG has formed a partnership with IS Systems to further increase its presence in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and to deploy fiber optic measurement technologies into the local temperature monitoring markets.

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