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I S Systems and iba Asia form join-venture in Oceania

I S Systems and iba Asia have formed a partnership, called ibaOceania Systems, which will serve as a local presence for iba — an industrial data capturing solutions company — in Oceania.

The joint-venture between I S Systems and iba will offer service, support and supply for local customers, according to I S Systems.

iba is a global supplier of high-speed data capturing and analysis tools. The company began designing tools for industries that were required to understand complex interactions between components in highly-dynamic electrical and mechanical systems.

According to I S Systems, iba hardware and software products are characterised by a high degree of innovation, and are based on technological experience gained over a period of more than twenty years.

iba’s products are used mostly in the steel, metals and paper industries, along with transport engineering and energy supply such as wind power stations.

The company offers solutions to monitor more than 2,000 signals in real-time at acquisition rates of up to 25 kHz (40 µs sampling rate) and log the data on a continuous or exception basis.

iba’s products allow engineers to acquire data from their process in a variety of ways, including:

• Ad-hoc via bus “sniffing” or via Ethernet directly from a PLC

• Hardwired via high speed PADU’s (Parallel Analogue to Digital Units)

• From the backplane of a PLC via system interface cards.

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