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Hygrometer range improved and relaunched

Michell Instruments has launched its upgraded S8000 chilled mirror hygrometer range to maintain its position as the world’s most popular and cost-effective family of industrial chilled mirror hygrometers. The first of the new instruments released in April 2018 were the S8000 RS and S8000 Remote. The very popular mid-range S8000 Integrale is due to be released in May.

The chilled mirror hygrometers from Michell cover a dew-point range from -100°C dp to +120°C dp, using both integral and remote sensors. The remote sensors can survive environmental temperatures up to +120°C, so can often be positioned directly at the point of interest.

The all-new S8000 series instruments now use the same intuitive, touch-screen HMI, making it easier to use and configure. For multi-instrument users, the common interface makes it simple to switch between models – which is a key feature for many operators. A complete range of communication options are now available on all models, giving the option of USB, Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 to take the hassle out of establishing connectivity with your system. All models feature data logging to SD card as standard for convenient standalone operation.

The cases have also been updated to a fresh, easy to clean surface and distraction-free look.

These high-precision instruments use the fundamental chilled mirror principle to ensure reliable and drift-free measurements of dew-point. The S8000 RS is a real ‘work-horse’, with an accuracy of ±0.1°C dew point, which can measure dew points down to -90°C with no need for additional cooling. Typical applications range from use as a calibration reference, to industrial settings where precise control of humidity is critical, such as semi-conductor manufacture.

The S8000 Remote combines high accuracy with a remote sensor for measuring directly in the process. Typical applications include environmental chamber verification, pharmaceutical manufacture or as a National Measurement Institute traceable precision reference tool for field calibrations.


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