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Hygienic pressure transmitter from Emerson

Emerson Process Management has introduced the Rosemount 3051HT Hygienic Pressure Transmitter, a robust and reliable solution for hygienic applications in which regular clean-in-place/sterilise-in-place (CIP/SIP) regimens can cause measurement devices to become unstable, and batch quality to deteriorate.

Biotech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries are under constant pressure to increase throughput while maintaining high product quality. 

Yet routine CIP/SIP and washdown procedures in hygienic processes often cause measurement devices to become unstable or fail, leading to unscheduled maintenance, reduced batch quality and even rejected batches. 

The Rosemount 3051HT utilises proven, reliable pressure sensor technology and a hygienic design to maintain measurement stability for up to five years, enabling repeatable batch quality and high yields.

Pressure transmitters measuring hygienic processes experience regular cycles of high-temperature CIP/SIP cleaning followed by cool-down periods during which they must return to their original calibration settings. 

After these cleaning cycles, many transmitters cannot return to calibrated settings within a standard time interval. Over time, they can drift incrementally further out of calibration and produce inaccurate measurements, leading to rejected batches, loss of product through tank overflow, or extra processing time in filtration or separation applications. 

Maintenance may have to recalibrate the instruments after every batch to insure accurate measurements, increasing costs and reducing output. The Rosemount 3051HT stabilises quickly after cleaning cycles, returning to its calibrated settings and allowing manufacturers to produce repeatable batches, faster.


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