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Hygienic inline measurement and online processing for food makers

The LiquiSonic inline analyzer by SensoTech measures precisely and directly in pipes or vessels the concentration of ingredients in beverages and liquid food. 

The measurement data are transferred online to PCs or process control systems. Measuring the concentration of original gravity (Plato) or alcohol, the analyzer is used in breweries. In the production of mixed and soft drinks or fruit juices, the LiquiSonic sensors determine the Brix content. Moreover, the sensors measure the dry matter content in the production of whey drinks or other liquid dairy products (LDPs).

Monitoring the product quality continuously and in real time, avoids failed batches. Furthermore, the inline concentration measurement enables a resource-efficient process control to save energy and raw materials.

The LiquiSonic technology is based on sonic velocity measurement providing high precision, stable and every second updated concentration values. Compared to other inline measurement techniques sonic velocity meters are extremely robust, maintenance-free and can be integrated without bypass in the process. 

The LiquiSonic sensors are installed directly in main lines of any size, or in vessels. The sensor design meets the high-hygienic requirements of the food industry and some sensor types are 3-A certified.

The LiquiSonic controller displays the measurement values and stores the data. The trend view allows the tracking of the process. If the measurement value exceed or fall below thresholds, a signal will be sent immediately. 

For process automation, the measurement data can be transmitted via 4-20 mA signal, fieldbus (Profibus DP, Modbus), Ethernet or digital outputs.

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