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HydroREC founding partner in Zero Carbon Certification Scheme


The Smart Energy Council and Hydrogen Australia have announced Queensland developer HydroREC has become a founding partner in its Zero Carbon Certification Scheme. 

HydroREC puts the smarts into smart energy and renewable hydrogen,” Smart Energy Council chief executive John Grimes said. 

HydroREC brings together leaders in renewable hydrogen, agribusiness, blockchain and renewable energy project development. Its fantastic to have them on board. 

The Zero Carbon Certification Scheme is a certificate of origin scheme for renewable hydrogen, renewable ammonia and renewable metals. Its an absolutely critical step in building the industries of the future, Grimes said. 

HydroREC is all about tracking, tracing and trading of renewable hydrogen, water source allocation and other supply chain inputs. Were honoured to be a Founding Partner in the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme, which will ensure that customers are getting the zero emissions products they are searching for,” HydroREC chairman Luciano Giangiordano said. 

HydroREC has been formed to deploy the blockchain capabilities of its technology research and development partner Smart Trade Networks (STN) in the energy, water and renewable hydrogen certification space. 

The STN infrastructure is involved in ongoing research and development activities through collaborations with Queensland University of Technology and the Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre. 

The other initial Founding Partners in the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme are: 

The German Energy Agency (dena) and the Australian National University are Advisers and Green Hydrogen Catapult a Partner Initiative for the Zero Carbon Certification Scheme. 

The Ammonia Energy Association is a global industry association that promotes the responsible use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy. 

The Green Hydrogen Catapult is a global coalition of seven leading renewable hydrogen companies seeking to accelerate the scale and production of green hydrogen 50-fold in the next six years.  

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