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Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program builds industry

Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, will deliver the $5 million Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program backed by the federal government, aimed at advancing Australia’s clean hydrogen industry. 

The program is aimed at strengthening research connections, collaboration and knowledge sharing between domestic and international hydrogen research organisations. This will enhance Australia’s hydrogen research, development and demonstration (RD&D) capability. 

The Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program will promote strong relationships with research agencies to accelerate development of a global clean hydrogen industry, minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor said. 

“The Morrison government is positioning Australia to be a world-leader in the production of clean hydrogen, as well as a trusted and reliable exporter to our trading partners,” Taylor said. 

“Investing in R&D and building connections with international partners are critical to Australia building and growing our own globally competitive industry. 

“We recognise the important economic and job opportunities becoming a major global hydrogen player will deliver, while also lowering emissions.” 

The program will also build domestic capability, drive innovation and play to Australia’s strengths in hydrogen research and commercialisation, according to minister for Industry, Science and Technology Christian Porter. 

“This investment in international research collaboration will deliver a range of insights and outcomes, enhance Australia’s international reputation for excellence in science and innovation and translate research activities into viable technologies with tangible commercialisation outcomes,” Porter said. 

“This program will also improve our understanding of future hydrogen supply chains and markets and help us to harness the potential for an Australian clean hydrogen industry to grow our economy and create Australian jobs.” 

The Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program will build on recent collaborative efforts between the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and CSIRO in developing an “Australian Hydrogen Researcher Network.” This was established to better connect Australia’s hydrogen research community and the new international program. 

Some of the proposed program activities include supporting researcher exchanges, developing collaboration tools and events and enabling sharing of knowledge about research relevant to hydrogen and its derivatives, such as ammonia.  

The federal government has invested over $1 billion to support Australia’s clean hydrogen industry and entered partnerships with Germany, Singapore and Japan to accelerate the development of low emissions technologies. 

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