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Hydraulic filters and clogging indicators

In order to prevent any serious personal injury and damage to equipment due to flammable substances, Hydac has upgraded its hydraulic filters and clogging indicators allowing them to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

For example, the company has designed its Stat-Free Filter elements to prevent electrostatic charging in the system; also, modified clogging indicators can be supplied with the product with a manufacturer’s declaration and an ATEX specific operating manual.

Following these safety measures, the company has specifically designed filter elements in Stat-Free versions, preventing static charging which can be produced in the filter in certain cases.

As conventional glass fibre or synthetic elements always cause static charging, the company says it’s Stat-Free Filter elements, the filter housing and elements should always be made from electrically conductive materials, with the necessary equalisation of potential (earthing) implemented by the system manufacturer or operator.

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