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HVAC clamp meter for improved field productivity

The Fluke 902 FC True-rms HVAC Clamp Meter is a wireless Fluke Connect-enabled meter that improves the productivity of HVAC technicians in the field. 

With the Fluke 902 FC, technicians can document measurements, email results to customers, and collaborate with colleagues in real time directly from the job site. 

The rugged CAT III 600V / CAT IV 300V rated meter performs the essential measurements of HVAC systems, microamps for testing pilot light sensors, resistance up to 60 kilohms, AC current, AC/DC voltage, capacitance and contact temperature, eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. Its small body is easy to hold and the jaw fits perfectly in tight workspaces. 

As part of Fluke Connect, the industry’s largest system of software and more than 40 wireless test tools, the 902 FC can transmit measurements to a smartphone or tablet for later, detailed analysis. Those measurements can be uploaded to the cloud. Technicians can combine measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share reports from the job site via email and collaborate in real time with other colleagues with ShareLive video calls or email, increasing productivity in the field. 

The clamp meter also decreases the frequency that technicians will need to wear personal protective equipment when working on high voltage/current panels. Simply turn off the panel, verify the panel is de-energised using standard safety procedures, place the clamp and sync it to a smartphone with the Fluke Connect app, close the panel, re-energise it, and take measurements from a safe distance.  

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