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Humes to manufacture Jellyfish filter membrane in Australia

Queensland based company Humes Water Solutions will manufacture, distribute and sell Imbrium’s Jellyfish Filter throughout Australia.

Jellyfish Filter is used for stormwater treatment and is said to remove more than 85% TSS, 60% Total Phosphorus, 50% Total Nitrogen, high levels of metals and sediment particles as small as 2 microns.

This compact technology uses a high treatment flow-rate membrane to capture a significant pollutant load, with low cost maintenance requirements. The standard Jellyfish filter systems are cylindrical precast concrete or fiberglass reinforced plastic manhole structures.

Each Jellyfish filter cartridge is loaded with filtration tentacles, which together provide higher available surface area per unit of treatment flow compared to conventional granular media filter cartridges. This increased surface area allows each cartridge to be much smaller in diameter than granular media filter cartridges of similar flow capacity.

"The Jellyfish filtration system is a natural extension of our portfolio of stormwater treatment solutions," said Dr. Darren Drapper, National Water Solutions Manager with Humes.

"With increasing regulations and our focus on sustainable practices, the Jellyfish Filter provides the next level of stormwater quality treatment and another tool to create Water-Sensitive Urban Design solutions within our portfolio of treatment, detention, infiltration, harvesting and re-use technologies."

Imbrium is a stormwater treatment company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells stormwater treatment solutions.

Humes, a division of Holcim Australia, is a supplier of cement and aggregates and offers a range of solutions for pipeline systems, water treatment, reuse and detention.

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