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Huge weight savings with igus lightweight lead screws from Treotham

The new dryspin lead screws from igus can reduce weight by up to 60% when  compared to stainless steel options.

The tribologically optimized plastic lead screw nuts and hard anodised aluminium screws significantly increase the service life and reduce the amount of maintenance and external lubrication required.

They are a great alternative to stainless steel options. Aluminium is not only very light weight but  the asymmetric geometry also reduces friction, wear rates and vibration.

The wide range of igus lead screw nuts are made from the self lubricating iglidur material, and are available in anti-backlash and different thread options. All the lead screw sizes that were previously only available in stainless steel are now available in lightweight, rugged anodised aluminium. The lead screws are available in diameters from 6mm to 20mm.

Dryspin lead screws are typically used in closing units, automotive and handling. When lubricants are eliminated they are suitable for clean environments such as laboratory automation and medical devices.

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