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HTG Peer Groups welcomes first Australian members

HTG Peer Groups, a worldwide network of IT solution provider executives formed to collaborate and share business best practices, today announced that Zaun Bhana will facilitate HTG21, its first HTG peer group in Australia for IT service companies. Zaun Bhana is Operations Director at Perth-based Leap Consulting, which serves businesses throughout Western Australia.

The group will hold its third quarterly meeting August 18th and 19th in Sydney in conjunction with the ConnectWise User Group meeting. The 11 member companies will meet to discuss issues of concern to Australian solution providers such as strategic planning, sales trends, company culture, executive recruiting and compensation.

"The opportunity within the HTG Peer Group model to collaborate, learn and grow with other like-minded IT service companies in Australia and New Zealand is extremely unique," said Bhana. "When you add the ability to absorb wisdom and best practices from other HTG peer groups worldwide as well as strengthen the local channel community at the same time it is definitely something we are grateful to be a part of.

"The challenges facing partners in Australia are extremely similar to those facing partners in the UK and North America, such as relationship-building and process management," said Arlin Sorensen, HTG founder and CEO. "The differences lie in the size of the issues and how far along companies are in addressing them."

In addition to Leap Consulting, other member companies include:
— Hexworks, Yarraville, VIC
— Evologic Technologies, Geelong, VIC
— Advance Business Consulting, Adelaide, SA
— Cool Chilli, Canberra, ACT
— Secure Access, Maroochydore, QLD
— Flexible Solutions, Griffith, NSW
— LANcom Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
— Digital Armour Corporation, Sydney, NSW
— Nortec IT Business Solutions, Sydney, NSW
— Solutionware Pty. Ltd., Mulgrave, VIC

In a recent visit with the HTG Australia peer group, Sorensen counselled members that the current business climate is changing the way potential customers make IT decisions. "Gone are the days when technical genius will win the sale – we have to make the sale before we get a chance to show that we have any technical talent. Nothing happens until the sale is made."

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