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HP sees 3D printing future in glass

Speculation about HP’s plans to create a 3D printer able
to create glass items has resumed following an ad listing by the company for a
robotics scientist.

HP Laboratories published a paper in 2012, 3D Printing of Transparent Glass, identifying the material as potentially exciting for additive manufacturing.

The paper cites glass as interesting due to
reasons such as its recyclability, pleasing appearance and the abundance of
silica in the world.

GigaOm reports that HP recently posted an ad for
a job in Bristol in the UK as part of its work towards hybrid printing of glass.

“As part of this activity we have a vacancy for
someone primarily with experience in robotics, to lead the building of novel
prototype robotic platforms that will be used to produce 3D printed structures
on the surface of objects that are not planar,” reads the ad.

“HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic
materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other inorganic
materials) onto items that are already mass produced.”

HP is also due to release its first 3D printer
next month, based on an announcement the company made in March this year.

Image: HP Labs

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