Honeywell’s SmartLine temperature transmitters increase efficiencies and lower costs

Honeywell Process Solutions introduces its latest range of temperature transmitters based on its unique SmartLine modular design.

Part of Honeywell’s SmartLine field instrument family, the industry’s first modular and most reliable transmitter family currently available for pressure measurement, the new industrial temperature transmitters improve overall plant and employee efficiency even in harsh and noisy process environments.

According to Don Maness, vice president and general manager, Field Products, Honeywell Process Solutions, the SmartLine temperature transmitter is based on the same proven platform as their proven SmartLine pressure transmitter. Better performance, unique features that lower their total cost of ownership, and superior integration capabilities when used with Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) are some of the benefits of the SmartLine platform.

He adds that SmartLine helps reduce project costs and startup time, avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality, and shorten time to repair.

Industrial plants use field instruments that measure temperature throughout the manufacturing process to enable operational safety and product quality. Large industrial complexes, such as those for refining crude oil or producing chemical products, can employ thousands of these devices within their manufacturing processes.

SmartLine temperature transmitters lower plant lifecycle costs by making it easier to maintain field devices with their unique efficiency-enhancing features such as an advanced graphic display capable of showing process data in graphical formats and communicating messages from the control room. All SmartLine transmitters across the pressure and temperature measurement ranges utilise modular components, which simplify field repairs and reduce the parts inventory required to make those repairs.

Key features of the SmartLine temperature transmitters include a dual-compartment housing for maximum robustness; intuitive diagnostics for both the transmitter and sensor; diagnostic information also uniquely available on the transmitter display providing a real-time view of sensor health to support proactive maintenance; and built-in dual-input and digital output option to minimise the number of instruments needed for both monitoring and switching needs, reducing lifecycle costs.

Maness comments that the SmartLine platform makes employees more efficient with the ability to use the display to communicate with field personnel. In addition, with the modular design, employees can use similar parts between both pressure and temperature models, making it faster and easier to change a part or upgrade the devices.

Honeywell’s unique Smart Connection Suite control system integration delivers transmitter messaging, maintenance mode indication and tamper alerts to improve field time to repair and control room communication, avoid unit trips and make employees more efficient.

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