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Honeywell’s MeterSuite receives MID and OIML R117 certification

Honeywell's MeterSuite fiscal metering solution has received European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) and International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) R117 certification.  MeterSuite is available globally and is now a fully MID- and OIML-approved product.

MeterSuite is an advanced, configurable and integrated fiscal flow measurement solution offered by Honeywell Process Solutions in partnership with Swinton Technology.

It integrates with Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) architecture to provide oil and gas flow calculation for greater cost efficiency, extended lifecycle support and improved control.  The system also integrates with all common meter types and supports the ISO, AGA and API standards.

“We are ready to install MeterSuite systems at oil and gas facilities around the world,” said Steve McGeorge, product marketing manager – Control Systems at Honeywell Process Solutions. “MeterSuite is a critical tool to help oil and gas sector customers run their operations more efficiently and profitably.”

MeterSuite enables oil and gas operations to replace their old-generation flow computers with Experion PKS and leverage the rich features and capabilities available with this next-generation control system.

This solution helps meet regulatory requirements for fiscal reporting of carbon emissions; simplifies integration of raw meter data in accounting and reporting systems; and offers enhanced control features for liquid, loading and proving systems where control- and sequencing-type tasks are critical.

Users benefit from incorporation of Experion capabilities, including flexible reporting, Web-based access and integration with wireless and fieldbus transmitters in the metering function.

MeterSuite is available in all Experion software revisions, from R201 to the latest R400.2. With the MeterSuite offering, Honeywell remains the only distributed control system (DCS) vendor that can provide an integrated metering solution on a DCS control platform.

Swinton Technology is a supplier of oil and gas flow metering computer / control system solutions and services.

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