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Honeywell’s Dave Cote selected CEO of the Year

Honeywell announced that Chief Executive Magazine has named Chairman and CEO Dave Cote “2013 CEO of the Year,” an honour that recognises an outstanding corporate leader nominated and selected by peers.

The award will be featured on the cover of Chief Executive Magazine’s July issue and can also be found at

The award recognises the transformation of Honeywell under Cote’s leadership over the past decade. During that time, Honeywell has increased sales by 71 percent to $37.7 billion and delivered a total shareowner return of 240 percent, consistently outperforming the S&P 500 during that timeframe.

Today, Honeywell is a global company, with 54 percent of sales coming from outside the U.S. versus 41 percent ten years ago. Since 2003, Honeywell has made more than 75 acquisitions and 50 divestitures, building great positions in good industries around the world.

“It’s a great honor to be recognised as Chief Executive’s CEO of the Year,” said Cote. “I’m proud of Honeywell’s performance and the terrific returns we’ve provided our shareowners.

"We’ve transformed Honeywell into a global growth company, led by common initiatives, behaviors, and processes. Our ‘One Honeywell’ culture has been a powerful piece of our growth story because people are our ultimate differentiator.

"Our portfolio has evolved from a largely manufacturing base to today where half of our business comes from software development. Our focus on seed planting and re-investing in our businesses, products, and services will continue because it’s working. We’ve achieved a lot over the past decade, but I’m even more excited about our future because the best is yet to come for Honeywell.”

Chief Executive Magazine is proud to recognise Dave as CEO of the Year,” said Bob Nardelli, Founder and CEO of XLR-8 and a member of the magazine’s selection committee.

“He has led a remarkable transformation at Honeywell, executing on a vision and rebuilding trust and credibility over the past decade. Not only is Dave a respected leader in the business community, but he is also a leading voice for business in Washington.”

Nominations for CEO of the Year were garnered from Chief Executive Magazine’s 124,000 readers. The ten most frequently cited nominations were evaluated and a winner was voted upon by a peer Selection Committee consisting of CEOs from leading global corporations.

“Receiving the honor of CEO of the Year is very rewarding,” concluded Cote. “I’m confident that Honeywell’s future performance will further validate Chief Executive Magazine’s selection.”

In 2013, Cote was recognised as one of the World’s Best CEOs by Barron’s magazine, and honoured with the Corporate Leadership Award by the TechAmerica Foundation.

Cote’s selection as 2013 CEO of the Year will be celebrated at an event hosted by Chief Executive in partnership with NYSE at the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, July 25.

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