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Honeywell Users Group 2014 wraps up

More than 200 people attended the event, held on the Gold Coast, with the majority of attendees made up of users of Honeywell technology from across Australia.

Today was used by customers to hold sessions demonstrating their use of Honeywell technology on their sites, and how they implemented it.

Productivity and efficiency gains were the main focus for the presentations.

The company itself used the event as a launchpad for a number of new releases, such as the oil and gas productivity and safety software suites and the Experion Orion console released on the first day of the event, officially launching its universal cabinets for its universal input/output (I/O) modules today.

According to the company the “universal I/O modules allow operators to quickly and remotely configure channels as analog or digital I/O using Honeywell’s proprietary Universal Channel Technology software”.

“The Universal Cabinets incorporate Universal I/O modules and make the entire cabinet a standard part which can play a key role in on-time start-ups by removing I/O from the critical path. This can help project managers to reduce the impact of changes on automation project schedules, especially late in a project cycle.”

Honeywell’s Lean Execution of Automation Projects (LEAP) processes were also highlighted during the show.

LEAP is “a new methodology and philosophy in project execution,” the company stated.

It uses cloud engineering and virtualisation methods to aid companies in implementing process solutions into their projects.

By using a cloud approach to engineering design “it decouples the software and the hardware, so they can be produced in parallel with one another, as opposed to sequentially, shifting formerly backend processes to the frontend,” Honeywell said today.

In spite of the current market conditions in mining, the mood was overall positive at the event.

“Despite the market being down, people have all been very positive here,” Honeywell director sales – Pacific, Neil Wold, told PACE.

“In fact the turn out was even better than last year,” he said.

Regarding the customer sessions held earlier in the day, Wold stated that it was one of his favourite parts of HUG, as “it’s always exciting to see how our technology is being used”.

HUG will be held in Perth next year

PACE attended HUG as a guest of Honeywell.

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