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Honeywell natural gas meters for industrial use

Honeywell Process Solutions has introduced a new metering device
designed for industrial users to accurately measure natural gas.

Honeywell’s EC 350 PTZ gas volume corrector helps gas distributors
optimise custody transfer during the delivery of natural gas to industry
customers while meeting government and industrial standards. The EC 350 is the
first member of a new HPS family of purpose-built, high-performance electronic
volume correctors (EVCs) that meet these critical requirements.

The EC 350 PTZ gas volume corrector has an easy-to-maintain
design, allows for precise measurement, and offers reliable performance over
extended operations. Key advantages include improved accuracy, expanded memory
and battery, advanced diagnostics, and integrated cellular communications.

HPS Product Marketing Manager Pierre Dufour explains that the EC 350
family of PTZ gas volume correctors offers gas distribution firms the assurance
of more precise gas measurements in standard meter applications, which enables
them to effectively monitor and document gas custody transfer and usage. Legacy
EVC users can easily migrate to the new metering device and benefit from its
advanced technology without having to retrain operators or risk performance

The EC 350 is designed to more accurately measure gas volumes using
pressure, temperature and compressibility factors. Offering universal bracket-mount,
wall-mount and rotary-mount options, the device can be easily programmed in the
field, and its multi-line keypad interface employed for simplified operation.

A highly accurate, plug-and-play digital pressure transducer and an
enclosure optimised for serviceability and outdoor operation are two of the
main features in the EC 350’s design. The assurance of long-term stability and
extended battery life minimises the need for site visits by technicians and
simplifies field repairs.

Honeywell’s new EVC platform leverages 40 years of experience and
reuses some design characteristics from the successful Mini-Max and
Mini-AT product lines. These include the field-proven mounting and
pulse-sensing mechanisms; a similar door lock and latch; and the current
alkaline battery pack, rotary interface, messenger modem, and MasterLink

Honeywell offers the EC 350 gas volume correctors pre-configured with
activated cellular radio, ready to be employed with its Total Data Services
PowerSpring Meter Data Management software or other data collection software to
ease IT integration in advanced metering or smart metering infrastructure.

Electronic volume correctors

The EVC is the central component of gas measurement systems worldwide. A
PTZ gas volume corrector converts gas volume from operating conditions to
reference pressure and temperature conditions. A crucial element in the gas
value chain from the meter to billing data, the EVC essentially functions as
the ‘cash register’ between the utility and the customer.

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