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Honeywell introduces flat-sheet profile measurement for continuous web solution applications

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) announces the release of the new ZipLine scanning measurement device, its next-generation scanning measurement technology designed to provide faster and lower cost measurement for continuous web solution (CWS) applications such as plastics, films, non-wovens and other flat-sheet applications.

Designed as a self-contained scanning measurement device, Honeywell’s ZipLine provides high-speed measurement of flat sheets minus the cost, size and complexity of traditional scanners. Combining Honeywell’s proven sensor designs with a new, patented, flat sheet scanning system designed for easy installation, the ZipLine scanning measurement device has a lower total cost of ownership than traditional scanner designs.

HPS product marketing director Ben Blanchette explains that ZipLine is a breakthrough for CWS customers who need a scanner with a small footprint, along with easy installation and operation. He added that the simplified design will go a long way to help customers lower their maintenance costs and will also benefit original equipment manufacturers.

The ZipLine scanning measurement device has been developed based on Honeywell’s decades of leading process and technology expertise. Much smaller with flexible mounting options, the new scanners use the same high-performance sensors as Honeywell’s traditional flat sheet scanners.

According to Blanchette, ZipLine does not have rigid scanner beams, drive belts, carriage wheels, linear bearings, power track, compressed air, or water. Compared to a traditional scanner, ZipLine has 90 percent fewer parts, which, along with simplified installation and high-performance measurements, contributes to a low cost of ownership and excellent value. ZipLine replaces the rigid O-frame structure of traditional scanners with tensioned stainless steel cables that support intelligent, self-driven measurement modules.

Key features of Honeywell’s ZipLine scanning measurement device include tensioned cables supplying power and secondary support to the measurement modules; secure Wi-Fi network providing communication between the modules and the support system; onboard compressor providing air to the sensor; moving power track not needed to manage cables and hoses; capability to scan at high speeds up to 400mm per second and deliver high-resolution basis weight profiles; removable flexible measurement modules allowing periodic repairs; and easy accessibility to ZipLine’s measurement support processor enabling simplified maintenance.

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